Guess What? I'm Terrible!

Have you ever noticed that certain negative things can be trendy? Not only is it popular to have a certain car or hairstyle, it’s also somehow laudable to have certain things wrong with you. One thing is being afraid of clowns. I’m not sure why this is such a popular fear, unless it has something to do with Seinfeld. I know several people who have mentioned this fear, and I can’t help but think that in some cases if may be an affectation.

Another thing is having migraines. I’m not sure why this is so popular, especially since they are excruciating, but everybody seems to be having them. And the interesting thing is that people will say things like, “Sorry, I have a migraine.” The only time I had anything that might be termed a migraine, it was so painful that I couldn’t speak or stand. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying migraines don’t exist. I just wonder if they’re as common as people think.

So am I totally making this up, or are there other negative things that people brag about?


Jar said…
I find it mildly entertaining that the two things you mentioned are things I have. I'm not trying to brag. I've been scared of clowns ever since I was a kid, and I actually have a prescription for migranes...

But to answer your question, I do believe it is possible that people make up trendy negative things about themselves.
Brooke said…
This is nothing new. Listen to old people for any extended amount of time and you'll come away with a laundry list of diseases and ailments. It's like they're trying to top each other..."Oh yeah, listen to this!"

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