I've posted too much serious stuff lately, and that must stop now. I just came across a movie trailer for Bumblebee, which is about the Transformers character. But it's not actually a Transformers movie. I guess after Star Wars and X-Men, Hollywood is now doing standalone films of every character from every franchise. Let's think of some characters who could be getting their own film soon. Here are a few I'm interested in. A lot of these are from 80s/90s movies, because those seem the most fun to me.

The Xenomorph from Alien. It starts with the Alien chasing the crew of the ship. Then  there's a record scratch and freeze frame, and a voiceover. “You’re probably wondering how I ended up here." Just kidding about this one.

Edna Mode from The Incredibles. You know she has an amazing backstory. I want to see her working at the height of superhero popularity, dispensing sass to all those proud people.

Louis Tully from Ghostbusters. He seems like a boring accountant, but extraordinary things seem to happen around him. What happened after Ghostbusters, or at least after the second movie?

Alan Grant from Jurassic Park. Seriously, I know Sam Neill was probably just too smart to stick with the franchise, but at the very least his profession has changed forever. Does this become a dark personal journey as he battles PTSD and alcoholism in the wake of the events of the movie and the devaluation of his profession?

Sigmund Marvin from What about Bob? Could this kid possibly grow up to be normal? Does he become a serial killer? Does his old friend Bob have to hunt him down?

The annoying student from Young Frankenstein. You know, the one asking all the questions early in the film. He seems pretty sharp. I be he leads an interesting life afterward.

Alfred from the Dark Knight trilogy. He's got Bruce Wayne's money and can live out his remaining years in style. What hijinks does he get up to?

TK421 from Star Wars. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Disney gets around to this. In fact, the Star Wars wiki has a fictional biography of him.

What other movie characters should get their own film?


)en said…
Well, you’ve succeeded at thinking of the most random characters everrrr. These are funny. Also funny is how they actually did this with the new solo movie and I’m like, have I even given much thought about his past life? Not sure how interested I am. {shrug} Yet they made the movie and apparently a lot of people out there HAVE been interested. {another shrug} I saw it and was like, welp, ok then

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