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With the beginning of the new school year, it's time to reflect on the kids and how they're growing.

Sam started seventh grade. He's finally decided to dress a little nicer than warmup pants every day, so that's nice (though a bit more expensive). It's taking a little adjusting for him to get used to a schedule of different classes at different times, but I imagine he will learn some time management skills which he sorely needs. He's definitely growing up and has been especially helpful lately playing with the younger kids when we need help getting things done.
Allison is in third grade, and this will be her first year without Sam there at school too. She's always concerned about other kids and was talking this morning about helping kindergarten kids know when the bell rang so they could get to class. It seems like she's rising to the responsibility a bit, and we've been working on having her treat Clara extra nicely. When she would react poorly to Clara taking a toy or whatever, it seemed to be reinforcing a negative pattern of behavior. I think it's beginning to work.

So Katie is enjoying a little time with just two kids at home during the day, which seems to be better for everyone.

Things tend to be pretty good with three or fewer kids around at once. When we're all home it's a little chaotic. So it's nice that these guys can get a little more attention during the day. Especially Clara, who can get lost in the shuffle a bit. So the school year is a little more challenging for me because I get up earlier and my mornings are a bit more busy, but it's nice to see Sam and Allison a little more and help Katie have a more calm day. I'll call it a net win.


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That hair is dynamite! I get hair tips from adolescent boys, you know.

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