Dream Log: Jealousy

This was a really strange one. Katie had been out running some errands or something and met this kid in his 20s who asked her out on a date. She had decided to accept, and told me about it. I was really upset about it, of course. But I didn't try to stop her because 1) I decided it was a mid-life crisis thing and would boost her self-esteem, and 2) I knew she would realize I'm way better for her than anyone else could ever be.

So this kid shows up to my house (which was some really weird building in the dream). He had long hair. And he was in pretty good shape but was 6 inches shorter than me. There were a couple other people there I can't quite identify, but it seems like they were friends of ours. So he was introducing himself, and asked me if I was Katie's brother. I said, "No, I'm her HUSBAND." He was kind of taken aback by that, so I guess she hadn't mentioned being married. But they went out anyway. He picked her up in some fancy car/plane hybrid thing.

While they were gone I was pretty anxious, pacing around and being irritable. But she came back, and I rushed to her and there was hugging and kissing, and I distinctly remember crying in the dream, even though for some reason it was sort of in public somehow. She had no interest in seeing this guy again, so it kind of worked from my perspective. And that's all I can remember.

I feel like this is a dream that, had Katie had it and the roles were reversed, she would have woken up being really mad at me. In the past she has been a little frustrated that I'm not the jealous type. From my perspective our relationship is strong enough that I'm never threatened by other guys talking to her, but to her it doesn't look like I care enough. So I've tried to make myself more jealous but obviously should have done more in the dream.

Anyway, that's it. The end.


)en said…
Ha! So entertaining. Also- "make myself more jealous." How does one go about that, I wonder? :D
Lori said…
Okay i LOVE that! So hilarious! Could you be a little more jealous??? Come on!

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