The Sweetest Thing

Ice cream, cake, or pie, and why?


Joel said…
This is a hard one. I mean, it's tough to choose between Marie Callendar's double cream lemon pie, raspberry cheesecake ice cream, and strawberry shortcake.
Jen said…
I choose all three, because i can't decide, I can't, and don't make me.

pie vs. cake? pie, unless it's a dense flourless chocolate cake, but only then. Otherwise, cake wins.

pie vs. ice cream? let's make them friends instead of enemies.

ice cream vs. cake? I... I can't.
Stephanie said…
Ice cream any day.
Lizzy said…
Doughnuts. I know not really a choice, but it is kind of a cake, but then the frosting really is almost pure sugar. But I think it is the sweetest because it is so light. The amount of air in the doughnut, and there really is such a small amount of frosting. And always good to know random facts has less calories and fat then a bagel with cream cheese.
The Kyles said…
It really depends on who made it. If it is made by this incredible cake maker in San Francisco, then it's cake. If it is gelato made in Florence then it's icecream. If it is a strawberry cream pie made from the strawberries we just picked on the 4th of July in Maine, then it's pie.

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