Things You May Not Know about Me

I have never worked in fast food or had any job involving serving food.

My favorite brand of pens is Pilot.

I am not double-jointed.

I firmly believe that nobody is ever as busy as they claim to be (especially, back in my single days, all those girls…)

Last night I dreamed that my eyeball was “deflating.”

When I was a kid, I injured myself so often that my parents had to take me to different emergency rooms so nobody would suspect them of beating me.

The first book I remember owning was Clues in the Woods by Peggy Parish.

I can make sweet pickles out of watermelon rinds.

I secretly want to give my kids Greek names like Apollo and Prometheus.

I actually did once see an unidentified flying object.


Jer said...

Actually, going to different emergency rooms is something they try to keep tabs on these days for abusive parents...