Friday Confessional

Those who are around me very much know that I’m always complaining about not having any money. I guess this is because there I feel a lot of pressure as the sole provider for the family, which is a good thing because it helps me avoid ridiculously unnecessary purchases (to a point). But it seems like everyone I know is getting free week-long vacations from rich relatives, or all kinds of goodies from work, or some other grass-is-always-greener kind of thing.

But, as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been the recipient of some pretty crazy generosity over the past few years, so I really need to be careful about complaining. Here are some examples of me being treated far better than I deserve:

Free trip to Hawaii

Free laptop (I had to perform a minor repair on it, but still...)

(Mostly) free trip to Disneyland

Free baby delivery (courtesy of Medicaid, since I was a poor student at the time)

Free Wii

Various sums of money from parents and in-laws to help out when we needed it

I intended this post as a catharsis, but I think I feel more guilty as a result of seeing it in writing.


The Kyles said…
Congratulations, you've successfully translated gratitude into guilt. You may now claim your honorary membership to Relief Society.
Joel said…
Only if I instilled it in others.
Jen said…
2 things.

1. "free wii" is funny to say.

2. When i read "free baby delivery" i totally pictured you getting a baby in the mail (w/free shipping).

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