Thomas Time

This afternoon, courtesy of Sam's grandparents, we went to the "Day out with Thomas" event in Heber. There were all kinds of Thomas-related activities, the highlight of which was a 30-minute ride in passenger cars pulled by en engine that looks just like Thomas. What cracked me up was that the ride consisted of riding backwards for 15 minutes, stopping, and then riding forward for 15 minutes. It looks like they have 10 rides a day for 5 days, with several hundred passengers at a time paying $16 apiece. That's not a bad little racket they have going.

To be fair, the ticket price included a bunch of other things, including pictures with Sir Topham Hatt, some kind of petting zoo, and even temporary tattoos for some reason. And then, of course, there's a big store set up in the middle of the place where you can pay $20 for a little toy train.

Anyway, Sam had a good time, and it was nice to go do something fun together.


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