Most people have probably heard of a miner’s canary. It was a bird that died to warn miners of poisonous gas. I like to think there are common examples of this principle in our lives today.

At my college job as a cashier, I paid close attention to that one kid who was a total slacker. I figured that he would be the first one to get fired, so as long as I was a better employee than he was, I figured I was safe.

Driving is the same way. We all had that one friend in high school who thought he was in a police chase every time he got behind the wheel. As long as he hadn’t died, I figured my own driving was probably okay.

And then there’s the guy we all know who eats two big macs for lunch every day. When he dies and is buried in his piano crate, I’ll give up the fast food.

What other miner’s canaries are there?


trb48 said…
People often use their church leaders. "If he drinks beer..."
Jen said…
i am trying to think of some but i can't. i bet for me one would be something involving danger and risks.
(at first i thought this post was going to be about twittering...)

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