Today's Impulse Decision

On Saturday I watched an episode of Nova called Marathon Challenge. They took a bunch of volunteers of various athletic ability (mostly they were pretty sedentary) and trained them over the course of 40 weeks to run a marathon.

Running a marathon has been a long-term goal for me since I began running last year (no, not continuously). I didn't know how fast someone could work up to 26.2 miles from nothing. But if a bunch of technically obese people could do it in 40 weeks, I thought I might as well give it a shot this fall. So this morning I registered for the St. George Marathon on October 3.

I'll have to wait until next Monday to find out if I am randomly selected to be able to actually do it. Apparently, so many people want to register that they actually have to raffle off places.

If I am selected, I'll have 21 weeks to increase from my current longest run of 8 miles to the full distance. I think I can do it, if I don't have too many injuries between now and then. Wish me luck, I command you!


Jer said…
Um, you do realize that 40 weeks is about 9.5 months, right? Sure, they could train sedentary people to do it in that time. You could also create a human being in that amount of time..
Joel said…
Funny, that's what Katie said.
Jen said…
absolutely, good luck. that is cool. i often think i, too, would like to run a marathon. But i'd also like to not die too, so...
Melanie said…
good luck with the run Joel. Should be about 102 degrees down here by then, so you might want to train in sweats.

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