Hello, Fadder

I've been meaning to post about this for a few days but kept forgetting.

Last Sunday, a number of different people kept wishing me a happy Father’s Day, which was very kind of them. The thing is, it seems odd to me for Father’s Day (or Mother’s Day) wishes to extend outside the immediate family. I will wish my parents a happy Father’s Day, but it even feels weird if they give me a Father’s Day card. It just seems different from a holiday such as Christmas, when you can extend season’s greetings to anyone (or could until a few years ago, anyway). What do the rest of you highly intelligent people think?


Jer said…
I agree. At mother's day, I told my sister happy Mother's Day, but didn't get her something... she's not my mother, after all.

With that in mind, have you noticed that on mother's day, we get women who aren't mothers gifts, but on fathers day, it's semi-typical to get something for our dad that helps ourselves? My brother talked about getting my dad some new tools... so Dad could fix some stuff at my brother's house.
Jen said…
it's quite an exclusionary holiday. I've taken to wishing anyone anything these days. (<--best thing i've said today)

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