-1 ≠ -6

Sometimes I think I'm wired funny in terms of emotions. I don't tend to get emotional if something really bad happens, but if I break a shoelace or something I will get really frustrated.

Such was the case last night. I had ordered new glasses from Costco, and I was pretty excited because I hadn't had new frames since 2001. So for two weeks I waited for them to call. Then, on a whim I stopped by the optical counter last night when I was there for something else. They were in! I took them home and put them on (I had my contacts in, so I couldn't really check them out at the store). Right eye, check. Left eye—what in the world is this? The whole world is squished, like when you watch a video on the computer and the aspect ratio is messed up. And no, I didn't still have my contact in.

I checked the numbers on the order with those on the prescription I had given them and found that in one place they had entered -6 instead of -1 (the cylinder correction measurement, if you must know), so the image was seriously distorted. Now I get to take them back in and wait another 2+ weeks. (I'm sure it will be longer than last time because of the holiday weekend.)


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