Parental Milestone #117

Once when I was young one of our cats had caught a bird (I think, but maybe it was a mouse) and did its thing for a while, until it went away and left the thing mostly dead. My dad put it out of its misery with a shovel and buried it. I remember being glad I wasn't the one who had to dispatch the poor creature.

Today it was our neighbor's prolific mouser who had been chasing a rat for a while in our backyard. I had to extract it from a window well and also get it out when it wedged itself under some boards (I wanted the cat to kill it, because I didn't want to have to do it myself and I didn't want this little disease vector roaming around the yard.) But in the end the cat left it mostly dead, so I had to mercifully decapitate and bury it. Fun.


trb48 said…
Where are the pictures!?!
Jen said…
You're a disease vector.

Just kidding. I do like saying "vector" though.



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