Bugs in Jugs

I usually catch spiders in a jar and put them outside, rather than kill them. But the other day I caught one I didn’t recognize and decided to look it up. It appears to be a hobo spider. Now, most people around here believe that a hobo spider is as dangerous as a brown recluse, but there is not any real scientific evidence to back it up. So I left it in the jar for a couple days while I tried to decide whether to release it or kill it.
In the meantime, a wolf spider was running across our kitchen floor last night, and I scooped it up into the same jar. And I’m a little ashamed to admit that part of me simply wanted to see how the two spiders reacted to each other.
Soon enough, the hobo spider killed the wolf spider, and I forgot about it for the rest of the evening. Then this morning all that remained of the wolf spider was some legs and a few bits of exoskeleton. So the hobo still may or may not be dangerous to humans, but it’s a pretty tough customer anyway.

On a related note, here's an example of the signs we used to periodically post on our front door in college, courtesy of Jer.