Big Brother

Sam is going to have a baby sister at the end of April. I tried to scan the pics, but they just looked like a big blob. Then I realized that is pretty normal for an ultrasound. At any rate, you all know what they look like.

The name is still up in the air, so hit me with your best shot.


Ann said…
hooray!! Girls are the best! :)
Jen said…
joel, your excitement is killing me. :)

GIRL names. what a snap. Here you go:

Miriam (and call her Mim. Or Miri. equally cute.)

Genevieve (and call her Gen.)

Jane. Just call her Jane.

Ruby. It's adorable.(call her "b")

Lucy. Also adorable.

Daphne. Say you love it. You have to.

and... a combo of your names:

Jo-Kat. or Jolie--ha! orrr... Katel.

I am full of great ideas.

Joel said…
Those are some really good names. I like Miriam and Daphne. My personal favorite at the moment is Evangeline, or Eva for short.
Calee said…
Congratulations! This is very exciting! And I like Jane and Evangeline. Love you guys!
Anonymous said…
Josephine. Then you can have Sam and Jo.
Jenn Hansen said…
Ooh, I love the name Evangeline!

Clara is a another favorite of mine. We would have used for our daughter had my husband not been so attached to Lily.

Congrats by the way!
Joel said…
Clara is on Katie's list. So is Lilly, or at least Lillian.
Heidi said…
Congrats! I think you should name the baby Heidi. A perfect beautiful name. Oh wait -- you don't really have to deal the the teenage drama of "Heidi". So maybe not.
Krista said…
I'm so glad you're getting a girl. Congrats! Whatever name you choose please, oh, please just spell it normally. That is my request as a person who has to call names out all day long.

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