Pop Quiz, Hot Shot

You're in Costco, and you buy a frozen yogurt. But you drop it on the way out. What do you do?

a. Forget about it and leave

b. Go buy another one

c. Go to the counter and ask for a replacement

In my case, I went to buy another one (because it was for Katie; otherwise I wouldn't have gone back). I was about to hand the cashier the money when some other customer walked up and told her I shouldn't have to pay for it because I just dropped the other one. I tried to pay anyway, because it wasn't their fault I dropped it. I viewed it as a matter of principle. But the cashier waved off payment, and I decided that it would just cause a scene if I argued too much.

And yes, I cleaned up the one that dropped.


Anonymous said…
Tons of bonus points for cleaning it up! Having working food service, I say you get a new one for free just for that service.
Jen said…
Good on ya. I would also choose option b. And if they tried to wave my desire to pay for another, I would persist for approximately .79 seconds: "No really, I--okay..."

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