A Matter of a Few Degrees

Katie has a pork chop recipe from her mom that has never turned out the way she would like it. The rice never seems to be cooked all the way. You know how it is when you cook someone else's recipe; it never seems the same. Anyway, last time we were down at their place Katie found out that her mom has been cooking it at a temperature 15 degrees higher than the written recipe stated. So we'll see how it goes tonight.


trb48 said…
Did it turn out or what?
Joel said…
Confession: This is a dumb post, but I really wanted to use that title.
Jen said…
i'm really glad you told us about this. i can't wait to find out what happens. ;)
Jen said…
well? i'm waiting.
Joel said…
All right, all right. It was better, but the rice was still a little underdone. But that often seems to be the case with brown rice anyway.

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