Two Other Things

A couple nights ago, I awoke to lights flashing from a police car outside our house. There was also one down at the other end of the street. They were there for a good half hour, with lights flashing, then they drove away. So it was sort of one of those situations I'll always be curious about.

Last night some friends of ours were kind enough to bring us dinner, including spare ribs which I heated up on the grill. When I took them off the grill, I noticed that something hot had dripped out and missed the grease catcher, and some dried leaves under the grill caught fire. Some of the lovely astroturf on our patio may have gotten singed. Sorry, Jer.


Jer said…
It's OK. I'll just add the repair bill to your rent.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes it's better not to know and just wonder. Lived in a neighborhood once. Neighbors raided by swat team. Cops visited to see if we had heard any screaming since apparently neighbors had been tied up in basement after murder of their drug dealing son/brother, with "bad guys" yelling at them "Where is it?"

Honestly I could live with not knowing that that was going on. So glad to out of that neighborhood.

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