What is your favorite punctuation mark and why?


Jen said…
excellent question!

This is difficult. We all love the exclamation point but i wouldn't say i'm in LOVE love with it.

I have an addiction to the comma but doesn't everyone.

I'm going to say... brackets. [] Who doesn't love brackets? I just like them. And i love when i get to use them, and also these: {} It's a special day when that happens.
Kaitlyn said…
I love the Oxford Comma. I LOVE love it.
Joel said…
Ah, yes. I love the serial comma as well. It bugs me that we use AP style at my work.

(And I find I use parentheses a lot.)

I love the drama of a good em dash—but then, I love the en dash too, although it might just be pity that it is so misunderstood.
Anonymous said…

It can convey so much. And the person reading can decide what they want it to mean.

RobisonWells said…
It's all about the interrobang.

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