We Should Probably Have This Looked At

Katie walked into the room the other day to find that Sam had done this to his sister:

That's the bulb from a baster. He discovered a while back that he could squeeze it and make it stick to his own face, and then he decided to share that joy of discovery with his sister. I can't wait to see how things like this play out once she's old enough to defend herself.


SOOO cute!!! love it, John just laughed and laughed!
trb48 said…
That same thing happened to me the other day. I wondered who did it to me...
Nathan Mulford said…
Could it be that Sam was just trying to clean the um...stuff out of her nose?
Krista said…
Oh, the joy of older siblings. When Emily was a few weeks old I once left the room for a moment to return and find her out of her bouncy seat and un-diapered. Now that Emily can defend herself everything becomes a scream fest between the two of them.

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