Spa-toola or Spa-chula?

I think we have four spatulas in our kitchen ( I admit I failed to properly research this topic by counting, but I can distinctly think of four). I feel a little guilty about it. Do we really need all those spatulas? How many things need to be turned over at once? Should I donate one or two to a third-world country where kids have to grow up in a world without spatulas? We are indeed fortunate to live in a place where these wonderful utensils are in rich supply. The next time you are cooking pancakes, eggs, or grilled cheese sandwiches, take a moment to spare a thought for those who aren't as fortunate.

How many spatulas do you have?


lizzyland said…
I have at least 6 spatulas. 3 plastic in various stages of melted. 2 regular metal ones of 2 different sizes. And one flat one, I think it's a pancake one, but I love it for cookies.
But when thinking of my abundance in the kitchen I believe I have to think of my rubber spatulas (and really couldn't they find a different name for a completely different tool) there I don't even know how many I have. But people know I cook so they give them to me as presents, so I have a zillion of those.
Erin Stones said…
We have 5, but they are all different sizes, so I don't feel quite as bad since they all serve their individual purposes!

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