Day 10

I have never felt better.

My vision is clearer, the very air
Is sweeter, and there is a
Spring in my

Dinner last night was tempting, with delicious chocolate cake being
Offered. But I resisted, and
Now I feel free.
Under no circumstances will I find myself
Taking the last eclair.

So, as difficult as it has been,
Everybody should try to reduce their sugar intake
Now and then.
Don't you think?

Happy with the way it is going, I recommend it to
Everyone. I think this experiment will have a
Lasting effect on my life.
Perhaps you should try it too.


Anonymous said…
Hmmm. I would but I'm definitely not strong enough to last this week. I have to make eclairs for a party tomorrow. Brownies for a picnic on Friday. And some cookies to ship out to someone thanks to a service auction I took part in.
I can hold back most of the time, but not from my own cooking.
Joel said…
Seriously, nobody get what this post is? Or is it just so obvious that it doesn't bear addressing?
Jen said…
i guess you should tell us.
Joel said…
I thought about bolding the first letter of every line, but I thought the weird line breaks would be enough.
Jen said…
ahhh... good times. Have you tried Lehi Bakery? I'm not kidding, their glazed are THE BEST. maybe you should eat them for your celebratory dinner post-fast.

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