People always always ask us where Allison got her red hair. Here are some responses I'm considering:

"Her DNA, of course."

"The milkman."

"Huh, I never noticed the red hair."

"The box called it 'Autumn Sunset.'"

"She got switched at birth. We're just taking care of here while we look for our real baby."


What else could we say?


Todd said…
"Don't worry about it!"
Jer said…
Jer had red hair once upon a time.
Lizzy said…
We tell everyone Cherith's red highlights are from her Great-Grandma Gray, or at least everyone said it was once red...she went completely gray by 16.
Kaitlyn Adams said…
Both of my parents have dark brown hair, there's only one distant relative of ours that has red hair, but two out of my three sisters and I have red hair...that question will never go away.

...We've used the milkman one too.
jipwki said…
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