Thirty Thoughts

1. Is that more hair in the shower drain every morning?

2. What's the big deal? It's just a number with a zero at the end. Why should we consider that significant?

3. Am I still allowed to wear shorts?

4. I need to buy a house within the next five years or we won't have it paid off by retirement age. Then again, my generation won't be able to retire until age 80, so I shouldn't worry.

5. I really should be eating more green, leafy vegetables. If I leave potatoes in the fridge long enough, will that count?

6. Going back to school is getting less and less likely. Then again, sending kids to school will be enough trauma.

7. At least I no longer look like I'm 12, which I did until I was about 23.

8. I will never wear my cell phone on my belt.

9. For some reason, there's a big difference between having a kid and having kids.

10. You kids get off the lawn!

11. I wonder when my memory will start to go.

12. Inside of me beats the heart of an 18-year-old. At least, the doctors claim he was 18 when he had the skateboarding accident...

13. As the years go on, should I feel increasingly ashamed for watching cartoons?

14. I don't feel the urge to buy a Mazda Miata.

15. Cold cereal is still awesome for any meal.

16. At least I can still fit into the suit I bought in high school.

17. It's hard staying up past 11.

18. This actually is pretty much how I pictured my life would be... except we drove around in a van solving mysteries.

19. I'm becoming disturbingly comfortable in slacks and a button-up shirt, and wearing t-shirts less.

20. So far I have no intention of getting a minivan. Although they are an efficient way to get the kids around... No! I must resist!

21. I still put olives on my fingers.

22. Sadly, I have come to recognize the wisdom of my parents, and I even ask their advice on occasion.

23. Let's see, what historical events was I alive for? The fall of the Berlin Wall, September 11, and Al Gore being made first emperor of the moon.

24. Fauxhawks? Has it really come to this?

25. Back in my day, we didn't have fancy shoes with wheels that popped out of them.

26. Video games may be more complex now, but the NES ruled. Your girlfriend got kidnapped; what more storyline do you need? Go bust some heads!

27. Whatever happened to Square One? I loved that show.

28. I wonder when my memory will start to go.

29. What's this "information superhighway" I keep hearing about?

30. I'm still younger than most of the people who will read this.


)en said…
Why, happy birthday!! Here are 30 high fives. Woot!
Lizzy said…
Happy Birthday! Welcome to your 30's, and yes, you are still younger than me. Grrrrr.
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