Sink Me

A couple weeks ago we noticed that our bathroom sink was not draining well. And, as is the way with such things, it eventually progressed to the point where some sort of action was necessary. So, being the extremely manly man that I am, I decided to see if I could fix it myself.

I decided to start by looking under the sink. Check. My manly instinct as to where I might find the plumbing was dead on. Next comes... hmm. What is next? When gently tapping the pipes failed to immediately resolve the issue (note: fixing a plumbing problem is not like fixing a TV), I decided more drastic action was necessary.

"I guess I could try taking a look at that funny-looking pipe under there," I thought. This was the P-trap, a likely place for clogs to congregate, or so I thought. But as soon as I touched the thing, I discovered something startling. Something was wrong. I performed a quick Google search and discovered that pipes, in fact, are usually supposed to connect to each other. In this case, the two pipes were touching but not actually attached in any way. Writing down this new discovery for future reference ("Pipes should connect"), I decided to at least proceed with my plan to find the clog. In fact, since I now had to disconnect only one end of the pipe, my work had been cut in half.

Sadly, the search for the clog was fruitless. Not only that, but by moving the pipe I disrupted the delicate seal of greasy nastiness that was providing an ad hoc seal to keep water flowing without leaking out all over the bathroom.

Satisfied that by making things worse my job was done, I gave up and called Jer, who will come fix it for us soon.


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