That was my high temperature yesterday, which is the highest fever I've ever had (as far as I know). I'm pretty sure I could see through time for a while there.

Anybody out there had a higher fever? Other than Boogie, of course.


Jen said…
Oh, i hate fevers. It is misery. I think i hit 104 once. My parents made me take a cold bath. It didn't help but that night it finally broke (repeatedly) and i had to change my pajamas 3 times since they were drenched with sweat, through and through. Glad you're feeling better. Did you get the strep?
Lizzy said…
Eek! Get well soon. I don't think I've ever had a temp that high. Hope you are feeling better today. Which I figure you either are or you're Fever Typing (kinda like drunk dialing, but without the alcohol).

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