Something about Running

Today I ran the Provo Half Marathon, and I'm too tired to come up with a good title. I learned an important lesson about starting off too fast: don't. Still, I managed to finish, and my time wasn't too terrible: 1:39:23 ( 47/667 overall; 7/53 in my age group). As I ran, I couldn't imagine ever doing a full marathon. I suppose it's similar to a woman saying she could never have twins after birthing a single baby through natural childbirth. Or, more likely, it's nothing like that. I'm tired.


Jen said…
Way to go, Joel. That's awesome. I have a friend who runs a marathon for each kid he has. He's insane, but i'm kind of jealous. What I'm saying is, i guess you love your kids half as much, and only one of them (unless you've done this before?). Just kidding, but really, I bet you could run a full one, and then you'd officially be on my list of heroes.
joel said…
Can I be half a hero? That sounds easier.
Jen said…

p.s. my word verification is tristelo angelo. That one's going in my special name book that must mean something, and i will discover it one day at some point on the path of my life.

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