Different Strokes

Okay, I am having another issue with a billboard. Apparently I'm turning into a billboard bigot, and I should change this to the Billboard Blog.

But this complaint is more serious than the others. There is a series of them around, telling us to dial 911 at the first sign of a stroke. That is a great message, because it could save lives. Except for one little detail...

They don't say what that sign is. I'm sure I should know, but my brain is full of more useful facts like quotes from the Simpsons and remembering my favorite order at Wendy's (baconator). I've been seeing the billboards for weeks, and I never think about them when I'm sitting at the computer and can actually look up the symptoms. Until today. So let's see what I can find out.

According to the Mayo Clinic, stroke symptoms can include trouble walking, difficulty speaking and understanding, paralysis or numbness, trouble seeing, and a headache. It sounds a lot like being drunk, except for the headache thing, which would happen after being drunk.

I guess the moral here is, "Don't drink, because if you do you won't be able to tell if you're having a stroke."


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