Last Night

8:30: Allison goes to sleep.

9:15: Allison wakes up.

9:30: Sam goes to sleep.

10:00: I go to sleep. Katie stays up to get Allison down again.

11:00: I wake up to Allison’s crying and, feeling guilty, go to help Katie get her back to bed.

11:45: Allison is asleep again, and Katie and I go to bed.

11:50 to 12:30: The neighbors’ dogs whine and bark. (The neighbors have been gone for 5 days, and the dogs are unhappy to be left out in the cold, because they normally sleep inside.)

12:30: Unable to sleep, I go over to the neighbors’ house to complain. They have just gotten back and were about to bring the dogs in anyway.

12:45 to 1:??: Feeling stupid because I complained just before the problem would have been solved anyway, I am unable to sleep.

2:55: Allison wakes up and won’t go back to sleep in her room. I hold her for a while to get her sleepy again and take her in to sleep in our bed with Katie.

3:15 to 6:20: I sleep on the floor in Allison’s room.

6:20 to 6:50: I decide to set my alarm a little later and doze off and on.


Jen said…
Ohhh they're good, they're GOOOOD. Keep fighting, Joel. We can win the battle against kids!! i mean, uhh...
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