Musical Beds

This comes across as another "complaining about lack of sleep" post, but I really just think it's funny how much we all switch places during the night. I mean, at some point all you can do is laugh (preferably maniacally, as you are carted away in a straightjacket).

Bedtime: Katie goes to lie down in Allison's room to help her fall asleep. I am in Sam's room to do the same (he has a hard time falling asleep in his room alone). Allison is having a hard time too, so Katie sends me to bed once Sam is asleep. She comes in at some point.

At 12:30 or so, Sam comes into our room crying. I get up and go lie down in his room to keep him company as he falls asleep again.

At around 1, while I'm still in Sam's room, Allison wakes up crying. I go into her room for a few minutes and get her back to sleep.

At around 3, Allison is up again. Katie goes into her room to try getting her down again. After a few minutes it's obvious that won't work, so she comes back into our room to let Allison sleep in our bed. Because there's not enough room, I go back to Allison's room to sleep.

I get up at 6:30 in Allison's room and see that Sam has gone into our room to sleep with Katie and Allison. I get in the shower.

When I come out, Allison has woken up again, and Katie has taken her back into her room to avoid disturbing Sam in our bed.


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