Cookie Monsters

Last night we made and decorated Halloween cookies. Let's see what we ended up with:

Here we have a nice, normal pumpkin. I think Katie did that one. Then there's the evil cat with red eyes that I did, and a witch complete with nasty (licorice) hairs on her chin and her nose. I'm pretty proud of the hat with the buckle, though. Moving on.

Here we have a fanged pumpkin, I guess, and a... I have no idea what that other one is. I think it's safe to say the kids were involved there, though.

Here are a couple of the cookies after Allison got to them, dipping her finger in the frosting and licking it.

Here is my angry ghost. He's a ghost of a star-bellied Sneetch, as if it weren't obvious. And a house that has a ghost in the window, blood oozing from under the door, and creepy eyes to let you know that to enter this house is to welcome death.

And here's a bat that Sam went to town on. I like it. If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.

Bonus picture!

This insanely huge tumbleweed ended up in our yard last night. Presumably from Texas.