The Pumpkin King. And Queen. And Prince.

In hopes of our pumpkins not melting into gross, moldy puddles before the holiday itself, we waited until last night to carve them. Sam was very excited to really carve one himself for the first time, tempered quickly by the gooey, smelly reality that is cleaning the pumpkin out. Also, the constantly bending and breaking carving implements is a tradition. I am going to buy this for next year.

Anyway, on to the results! Sam wanted to use a stencil that came with our carving kit, but it proved to be rather complicated, so he ended up designing his own scary face that I helped him implement. Behold, look on his work and despair!

To even gaze upon this visage is to stare into the depths of madness. And the madness stares back.

Katie had a small pumpkin given to her by her visiting teachers, and carved an appropriately cute face on it:

Wh-what are you doing with that toaster oven, little pumpkin? Stay back! Back, I say!

Moving on. I decided on something a little less traditional. The photo is a little fuzzy, but surely that's just because it is dematerializing:

Yes, that is the TARDIS. No, you can't buy it. It is going on my porch for the enjoyment of all. Yes, I am a great humanitarian.

It's over!

*Special shout-out to Allison, the Pumpkin Princess, who was very interested and wanted to help us, but was not quite ready to tackle a pumpkin of her own.


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