Saturday Overload

Here's my Saturday, because I'm sure you all care. But sometimes I think it's fun to see the daily goings-on in someone else's life.

Get up at 7:30 and go running. The weather was perfect and I was feeling good, so I made it 16 miles, which is about the max I will do without bringing any water or energy gel thingies. Then I had breakfast when I got back. For some reason, I crave plain oatmeal after a long run (with a big scoop of brown sugar, at least—I mean, I'm not a monster).

Then Allison was begging us to go see the fish at the store. So she and I went to the pet store and we got some  frozen rats for Monty, and Allison oohed and aahed at all the animals, even though she has been there many times. When we got home, Sam insisted that I play Battleship with him. If I won, I would be allowed to finally go take a shower, and if he won we'd have to play something else. He got frustrated halfway through the game and quit, so I got to go shower.

Katie wanted a chance to exercise as well, so I sent her on a bike ride for an hour. Allison was napping at that point, and I decided to put up a shelf in the garage to clean things up a bit. It actually went fairly well, and, feeling satisfied with my handiness that day, I tackled another project I had been wanting to do. I had a small TV stand that is really old, but I took it apart and repurposed it to make a shoe organizer for our kitchen, because the back door is usually blocked by shoes. It could probably use a coat of paint to look decent, but I was proud of myself for sticking with it despite my previously recorded handicap in the woodworking department. Meanwhile, Katie made dinner. She had spent much of the day cleaning the house, and was understandably tired as well.

After that, I don't really remember anything. I guess we eventually got the kids to sleep and collapsed into bed ourselves. But it was a nice day.


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