A couple of weeks ago, Allison turned four.

The dress says, "Let's play!" And the hook says, "With your entrails!"
It's interesting to see the different personalities of our children as they grow. Allison loves the stereotypical girl things like princesses, but she's also not afraid to have a sword fight with you or hunt for bugs. A lot of that is the influence of an older brother, but it's nice to see she's well rounded so far.

She is a different person from Sam, though. She is generally well-behaved and obedient in preschool and primary (not that Sam is bad, but he does get a little mouthy). She loves to play mom with her toys and help around the house. I think she'll be a great big sister to Buttercup (what she wants us to name the baby), and we feel lucky to have her in our family.


)en said…
I actually think Buttercup is adorable. But I'm kind of a hippie like that. Do it!!
Joel said…
We'll see. Maybe we'll be overcome with hippieness in the hospital.

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