Fair warning: If you're not LDS, this post may not make any sense to you at all. Find a member of the church to interpret for you.

A couple weeks ago in sacrament meeting our stake high council representative read a letter telling us that our stake was realigning boundaries and creating two new wards. A meeting the next Sunday evening would give us the details.

That made me sad, because our ward was essentially the combination of two different neighborhoods, and the odds were they would be split up. Most of the friends we had made were in the other area. Later the rumor was that one of the new wards would be named after our neighborhood, so I figured we were in for a big change.

The rumor mill was right, and we are now in a brand new ward. It's now our neighborhood and a second subdivision again, this time in the other direction. We were moved to a different building (fortunately, much closer to our house), and our meeting time was changed to 8:00 a.m.

That's right, 8:00 church. With four kids.

Four wards have to meet in this building, until the completion of a new building in July. I know the stake presidency felt the wards were becoming too large, but I can't help but feel that waiting a few months wouldn't be that bad. I'd rather have crowded classes than 8:00 church.

Anyway, we were given leave to just have sacrament meeting the first week since it takes a while to get organizations staffed and ready for classes. So I was curious to see when we might get phone calls and receive callings.

Katie got a phone call Thursday night and was called as the ward organist. So now we had to plan to be there at 7:45 on Sunday. ARE YOU ASKING FOR A ChALLENGE?!

We prepared as much as we could on Saturday. Finally that primary song made sense. "Saturday is a special day. It's the day we get ready for Sunday..." And we did well, getting there early and everything. It was a little weird to recognize half the ward and have the other half be total strangers. People seemed nice, of course. I'm just hoping we can get to know each other so we don't end up with an "us" vs "them" mentality. And I'm curious to see what I end up doing. Come on, hymn book coordinator...


Lori said…
You are TOOOO funny! I want to be hymn book coordinator too! You are right though...8am is crazy! Good luck with that! We start church when you finish.

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