Automotive Nomenclature

This would make a lame post, but I already posted today, so this is for my benefit.

For anyone who reads this, I want you to help me name my "new" car. It's a white 1999 Chevrolet Lumina. It's just about the most boring color of the most boring car in existence. So the name could reflect that, or it could make up for that by being unusually exciting and creative.

So far, I have thought of Edison and Pedro.

As you can see, I need help. So leave lots of ridiculous comments, please.


Turbo said…
I only have a few thoughts regarding this. First, I don't know the gender of your car so since you chose gender specific names, I'm guessing it is a male. Second, you could call it Bob. Or third, Jesus. Not in the traditional pronunciation, in the Spanish pronunciation. Like Hey-Seuss. And don't worry, if you were to translate the Spanish name into English it would be Jesse so there would be no disrespect.

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