Lexical Liberty

The upside to fatigue appears to be increased lexical creativity. This morning for some reason I was thinking about those people who are proportioned normally from the waist up, but below the waist appear larger then they should. I have heard the term "peaar-shaped" to describe them, which is fine. I decided that I will dub this phenomenon "the iceberg effect." If you need an explanation, that's just too bad. It's already taking me twice as long as normal to type this because I keep transposing letters today because I'm so tired.

One other thing. That lame documentary on the LDS church last week brought up an interesting question. Why, exactly, is polygamy illegal today? I understand that when the law was created people were probably concerned that the church would soon outpopulate the rest of the country. Or maybe they were just trying to be jerks. At any rate, the point is that one man was willing to care for multiple women. He actually took full responsibility for their needs. Society today is completely the opposite. Getting two people to marry and stay married is almost a joke. With cohabitation so prevalent and so many children being raised with one or fewer parent, why should anybody care if someone actually wants to be responsible for more people? I'm not saying this because of any desire to practice it myself; it just doesn't really make sense. But then, the list of things that don't make sense seems to get longer every day, including the topics I seem to come up with.


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