All Hail the Great Manipulator

I decided this morning that Chiropractic is a religion. The "purists" claim a specific founder who had a miraculous experience of curing someone's pain. They make claims that must be accepted on faith without any empirical evidence to support it. They charge money and do everything they can to keep "converts" (patients). How many doctors' offices will call you and ask you to come in if you don't go? They want you to come in regularly for the rest of your life to "maintain" your health.

I was trying to think of a legal basis to take action if this office Katie went to kept bothering us, but the fact is they carefully avoid words that would be legally binding. I think it would save them effort of they just declared themselves a church. They've already got a number of "factions" who have different philosohpies. All that's missing is a bit of chanting and their own book of hymns. They could have songs like "Bend over Backwards," "Limber Lumbar," "Open Your Wallet and Close Your Mouth," and the perennial favorite, "Yours, Spine, and Ours."


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