The Car Conundrum

So this morning I was out putting something in the mailbox when some guy drove by in a truck with some souped-up muffler. I don't understand why people want to make their cars louder. Then there's the guy down the street with the truck set so low it actually rests on the ground unless he's got the hydraulics going.

Personally, I would think that the best thing to do to impress people with your car is to make it a "sleeper." You soup up the engine but leave it looking inconspicuous. Then when you pull up to a light next to some low-rider you can just laugh and out-accelerate him if he tries to beat you off the line.

I guess what it boils down to is that there are a host of illogical things we do when it comes to driving. For most of us the cheapest car would serve as well as the most expensive one. There's no logicality in fancy paint jobs and alloy wheels. And I don't understand why this guy on my street drives an Infiniti but lives in a crappy little duplex. I would rather drive the worst, ugliest, cheapest car possible but live in a decent house.

This brings me to the most illogical act I can think of. Why would anybody ever pay for a brand new car? It's a tremendous financial loss the instant you drive off the lot. Why not let someone else take the financial hit and buy something one or two years old?

Why aren't philosophers dealing with practical questions like this instead of making vague, unverifiable statements about the nature of existence?


Turbo said…
Well, I know why one person would pay for a new car. To keep it in the family for more than a decade, take care of it and pass it down to their children.

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