Me So Hungee

Today I will tackle the nagging problem of world hunger. There is a lot of grain wasted by using it for alcohol production. I'm not talking about ethanol for cars (who knew that corn farmers would become oil tycoons?); I mean beer. When I was a teenager I wanted to make some movies that would make me rich. Then I would buy grain fields used for alcohol production, and use the grain for feeding the hungry around the world.

There is one particular problem with this idea, even if I had the money. The United States destroys a portion of its grain harvest every year for economic reasons. I guess too much grain would drive the price down and ruin the farmers, or something like that. Also, just giving it away to other countries would ruin their economies as well. I propose that we make the people work for the food. They could build homes and communities and be paid with food. The economy could (initially) be based on barter. As other businesses developed, they could transition to currency. With a thriving economy they could raise their own crops. Then we could collectively get back to wasting our food and killing our brain cells by alcohol consumption.


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