Dial Z for Zleepless

I think I had something brilliant and insightful to discuss this morning, but too many sleepless nights have left me with a brain like a sieve. Even my ability to describe the problem is suffering. Like a sieve? How original is that?

Anyway, I'm trying to call a doctor's office this morning and nobody is there. I looked up their hours online, and they're open from 8:30 to 4:45 (they're closed from 1 to 2 for lunch). I could have sworn that just a few years ago doctors' offices were open from 8 to 5. Pretty soon you'll only be able to avoid after-hours charges if you go between 3 and 3:07 in the afternoon. It's probably all a scam perpetrated by doctors and insurance companies to line their pockets, with the bonus that they thin the population a bit and improve the health of the average person by killing off the really sick ones.

It appears that fatigue intensifies cynicism.


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