Brr (Sigh)

Unpleasant: Having to be at 6:00 a.m. meetings.

More unpleasant: Having to go to the meeting when it's 7 degrees out.

Most unpleasant: After 2 1/2 hours in the meetings, coming out to find that your car has frosted over a second time. For some reason this struck me as tremendously unfair. I probably would have cried, except I'm not sure my tear ducts would have worked at that temperature.


Jen said…
and if they had, you'd have poked your eye out. boo to cold.
Jen said…
(poked your eye out with your icicle tears, i mean. sometimes i don't finish my thoughts..)
Joel said…
It's okay, I knew what you meant.
Cindy Beck said…
If Jen can say "boo" to cold, how about if I say "boo" to meetings? Boo! Putrescence! ... to early meetings on cold mornings. :)
Anonymous said…
May I add: Icky!! (That's my children's phrase for anything they don't like.) [John add "It's worse when you get to your car to find out there's been freezing rain and you have to chip your way into the car."]
Jer said…
Joel hates the cold. Jer likes the gizmos that make the cold more bearable. Remote start system, $150. Heated seats, $80. Not living Joel's life: priceless.

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