A few days ago I noticed that it seemed like my car needed to be aired out. But as the week has progressed I realized that there’s some funky smell in there that keeps getting worse and worse. At this point, allow me to beat you to the punch: Maybe it’s me!

But seriously, it smells like rotten fruit or something. Yesterday I realized that my wife had done last week’s grocery shopping in this car instead of the other one, so I wondered if something had been left behind. But a quick search revealed nothing. I don’t eat in my car, so it’s not old fast-food wrappers with uneaten remains or anything like that.

It’s a strange mystery, and I’ll let you know when I figure it out. In the meantime, think twice if you ask me for a ride—how long can you hold your breath?


Anonymous said…
The last time I heard about something like this a mouse had crawled up into the car and died under the upholstery, however I have learned from personal experience that a wayward kiwi can be very bad news too.

Wishing you speed and luck!
Jen said…
I was just going to say, remember the classic saying: dead things smell like poo.

(i am cool for putting links to my own blog in comments on other people's.)
Have you looked under the seats? I found a sippy cup with curdled milk when I had the same problem behind one of my kids booster seats. Eeeeew.

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