I consider myself a "summer" person. I'm not one of those people who can't commit to a season and love it in spite of its faults, like all the people who only enjoy those two weeks in spring of perfect weather. I love summer, with its uncomfortably hot nights and sizzling afternoons.
That said, I can understand why it's important to have winter too. I imagine it gets really tiring to live in a place that's warm all year long. And the first snowfall is always enjoyable. I also like wearing warmer clothes.
But it always seems like winter and its snow can only really be enjoyed through January 1. After that the world just seems gray and dismal until spring. When I think of February I have a mental image of the last dirty gray lumps of snow clinging to the sides of the road.
So, my proposed weather perfection is to have it be cold and snowy in November and December, and have it warm and sunny the rest of the year, with the occasional warm rain shower. Would somebody please start implementing this plan?


ATH79 said…
Sounds good to me. I only like snow for a short while. Last winter went on forever.
I am living in a nice warm climate with no cold and snowy days...and personally, it will never get tiring. You guys can keep the snow for sure!
Anonymous said…
Never!! Mt favorite season is fall, but I much appreciate winter. Without it, the bugs grow waaaaaaaay to big! I live through winter just remembering how many, many bugs and other creepy crawlies aren't living through it.

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