Three Things

Yesterday I had a piece of candy without knowing what flavor to expect. It was white, and I usually like candy that's white, because it tastes like vanilla or something. But no, it was a cursed sour apple candy! Oh, green apple, we've met before, but you've crossed the line now. From now on, no green-apple-flavored food (again, aside from green apples themselves, which are delicious) will ever pass my lips!

This morning I formally noted the law that there is a correlation between the thickness of the material of a necktie and the disparity in length between the ends when you begin to tie it. I'm betting this is something everyone who wears a tie knows, but I just wanted to make it a formal law. Can I call it the Hiller law?

I thought it would be fun to swap guest posts with anyone who is interested. We could potentially make new friends and bring new readers to our blogs that way. Is anyone interested?


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