Excuses, Excuses

I used to think that once I got married I would escape the majority of socially awkward situations, but sadly this has not been the case. How do you politely continue to turn down invitations issued by someone who is more than a little creepy? I won't elaborate on the situation in case this individual has some indirect connection to someone who reads this blog.
What's the worst excuse you have given or received from an invitation? My favorite was when I once asked a girl out and she told me she couldn't because her uncle was in town. That was awesome in its craziness. I mean, I had to give her props for originality.


Erin Stones said…
I bet her uncle really was in town- don't be so hard on yourself. I was never creative in my excuses, but once when I knew that someone I didn't want to go to a dance with was going to ask me, I begged my friends to get someone else to ask me first. They did and I was able to avoid the whole excuse thing all together. So find a way to avoid the situation where you have to use the excuse in the first place! Easier said than done I am sure!
Jen said…
I would like to know more about this creepy person. Is it a guy who wants to be your BFF? Have you turned him down repeatedly already? Do you see this person on a regular basis? I guess you said you wouldn't elaborate. Hmm...

if you don't see him regularly, i would just ignore all efforts to contact you, especially if he seems unable to pick up on hints like many people are.

Well, I am sure I have given many-a lame excuse in my time. But I learned in my college years to just be frank with people. Ahhh i never felt so free.

Recently though, over the past 2-3 years i've had several confrontations with our neighborhood UPS man who kept asking me out/hitting on me(?) in weird ways. I kept saying i was married but he either didn't hear me, didn't understood, or chose not to hear/understand. Finally he responded in a way that showed me it registered with him, and he continued to invite me to parties. i feel this crosses the line of appropriate UPS man behavior. I ended up saying "No, i don't think so. Thanks though." (twice. TWICE!!) And now i just pretend to be on the phone when he comes. ha haha. good luck!

(the end)
Turbo said…
I knew it, you hate me don't you? Seriously though, since you've got a wife that's a GREAT excuse. Sorry, I've got something SPECIAL planned with my wife TONIGHT :: wink, wink, nudge, nudge :: if you know what I mean.

More seriously, politely thank the individual but decline the invitation. You don't really need an excuse. Or you could just have Erin invite you somewhere instead and you're set!
Jen said…
did i say "didn't understood"? yes, i think i did.
I used to beg my mom to ground me so I couldn't go...of course, no one is going to fall for that now.
Anonymous said…
I'm terrible about excuses. So I usually just say yes, and have to deal. Although with two kids I can always last minute cancel with a "one of my girls is sick and I can't leave her with the sitter/don't want to bring a contagious kid" (depending on whether kids are invited or not.)
About high school and the girl, it is such a crazy excuse that I agree with Erin that it was probably true. I know I wanted to say no to someone when my Grandparents were in town for 2 nights only.
Jer said…
The "Uncle" girl was Katie, wasn't it? Hahahaha!

Anyway, the best excuse I ever got was "I think maybe you should ask someone who wants to go". Seriously.

Also, I'll quit asking you to go to Taco Bell with me if you'll just give me my freaking burrito!

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