Ice Holes

This morning I went ice fishing with my dad and my uncle. This is pretty much what it consists of:

Sitting, changing bait when the fish don't bite, and sitting again.

It was actually a beautiful day for it, and eventually it warmed up to a tolerable temperature. There were a lot of other people fishing on the lake, and one crazy pilot somewhere in the area who flew a small plane over us at a height of about 50 feet.

Hole, sweet hole.

My perfect record continues (that is, never having caught anything ice fishing). My dad eventually caught one after a couple hours, though. Naturally I forgot to take a picture.

The end


Jen said…
what's the draw for ice fishing, i wonder. Is it the social aspect? the challenge? the freezing your arse aspect? tell me.
Joel said…
I was wondering the same thing. The freezing isn't really an issue when you are bundled up. It is less messy than regular fishing—no mud and getting soaked. And it's beautiful out on the lake, in a way that's different from the beauty of summer. In short, it's probably a brain malfunction of some sort.

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