I was a horribly picky eater growing up. Spending a couple years in Korea helped; now I can eat anything, although many of my dislikes remain. If I had to pick one food I dislike most it would be onions. I will eat whatever if someone is feeding me, but on my own I will usually not eat them.

Now, however vehemently you may claim to not be picky, there is probably at least one food you strongly dislike. What is it?


onions too. growing up I always hated them and in the past few years if I eat them (like someone puts them in something) I get really sick so if you guys ever come to Tulsa I promise meals with no onions!!! ;)
Joel said…
If you can promise no bullets as well, count us in.
Anonymous said…
Seafood! And Undercooked meat. Seriously if there is the slightest bit of pink I get sick. I have forced it down (with a smile even, since it was my in-laws) but spent the night ill.
Honestly, sometimes I don't understand why I'm not a vegetarian.
Turbo said…
Regurgitated baboon.
ATH79 said…
It's not a food, but a drink. I HATE rootbeer. I have since I was little.
Joel said…
Thanks, John. I can always count on you.
Christa Jeanne said…
Mayo. It's tasteless, pointless fat. And Miracle Whip is a million times worse - that stuff is NASTY!!! A friend who packed lunches for a Disneyland trip once put it on my sammy, and I gagged, opting to go hungry over choking down that stuff. So gross.

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