Not Remotely

Can electronics go on strike? I mean, it's only a matter of time before robots get the vote. In the past few weeks, most of our remote controls have stopped working for one reason or another.

I fixed 'em, though.

Speaking of small electric-powered items, we have had 4 different hand mixers over the last 5 years. The gears turning the beaters keep getting stripped, because for some reason they are made of plastic. This last time we bought a Black & Decker. Maybe a company that makes tools can make a hand mixer that can take a little punishment.


Joel said…
I forgot one of the main points of the post. So we broke the remote for one of our DVD players, and I'm astounded that 95% of DVDs can't be started with the "play" button on the machine. They require the "enter" button. Idiots.

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