Exit Sandman

Okay, someone is playing a joke on me. My adversarial relationship with sleep is familiar to anyone who is a parent. It's just a tradeoff we make for the joy (and frustration, and constant confusion) of raising children. And I’ve come to accept that.

What I can’t come to terms with, however, is what my brain does on the rare occasion when I am able to get to bed at a decent time, as was the case Sunday night. When that happens, and I wish I were kidding here, I get so excited about the potential for 8 hours of sleep that the excitement keeps me awake. It just seems supremely unfair.


Lizzy said…
I know what you mean. But instead of not being able to go to sleep, I still wake up in the middle of the night, wondering why in the heck I'm awake, and then not being able to sleep because I feel like a child must need me if I woke up.
Jen said…
It's so tragic. I feel your pain. I have totally done that before. I'm ok in the night but it's naps that are ruined for me. I am completely broken. I can't do it. I know i've already talked about this, but i dip down, down, right on the cusp of sleep, and get yanked right back out. I can never cross over. My body and mind have been conditioned to wake at that point, as it is the prime moment babies like to cry, i guess. It's such a futile effort trying to nap. I guess i should appreciate the fact that i even have a chance to do it, but still. Sigh.

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